Photo shoot Outtakes!

With being spread out in norcal and socal its always nice to be able to get the whole gang together and spend some quality together and get in a "little" riding. This weekend Charlotte and Ruste came down to LA for our team photo shoot. yea yea yea I know its a little late but we were waiting for our amazing Sommerville Kits to come in! After a few days of rain we headed to the historic Griffith Park to shoot some photos looking over all of LA and thanks to that rain the sky was crystal clear. Here are a few outtakes and behind the scenes shots… Stay tuned for the real deal from photographer Jesse Carmody . And a special Thanks to rider Charlotte Hart for making the trek and riding her bike with 3 broken ribs after a bad crash in the Turlock Road Race in Norcal. Head over to the Ritte Women's Facebook and send her some well wishes! 

March Race Madness

Shortly after the success of the WCA ride and great finishes at Valley of the Sun, the team was getting prepared to head up north and meet up with Charlotte and Ruste for the Madera Stage race. The first day crit was great we had a chance to all be in the same race and work together. It was a long weekend of great races put on by Velo Promo. With top 10 GC results all around. Great job to Amanda for taking 2nd GC in the Women's 4 race.

       Next up we had the SCNCA Road Race Championships along with the Chuck Pontius Crit. Both women's races (1-3,3/4) were run together, and there were only a few big teams represented.  La Grange and Monster Media had full squads, Skyflash had a few riders, and the rest were mainly teams of 1 or 2. Becky followed a few early attacks that didn't stick, but missed one that was starting to look promising, will all the teams represented.  Daniela of ICE attacked, attempting to bridge. She followed and the two of them worked together for a while to try to catch. After about two laps, Daniela wasn't able to hold on.  Becky continued on her own,  until she latched on and we were then a break of 6. Kelli was in the pack making sure not to do any work and to not let any more breaks try and bridge.  The break stayed away and Becky had a solid 4th place Finish in the 1-2's While back in the pack Kelli finished 3rd in the 3's. At the Road Race Amy our climber new she was in for a long day, She easily made the break and focused on the finish, with not much left in the race she made a 2 man break from  the original break. Amy finished in a strong 2nd in a final sprint. Up north Charlotte raced in the Hanford crit, being all by her lonesome she had her work cut out for her with a large showing from a local team launching attack after attack. Charlotte covered each attack well and played her cards right, also finishing a strong 2nd place. Even with our little team we are able to make the podium against the larger ones!

WCA x Ritte Women's Team " Join the Ride" tour

Last September Kelli had the opportunity to meet and race with Lauren Komanski of the WCA in Ireland, after a couple of pints their wheels were turning about how Ritte could get involved in the WCA. When the idea of hosting a ride as part of the " Join the Ride" tour came up it was a no brainier, with Ritte's local connections and the WCA following we knew we would be able to put on a great event! After a couple months of planning and making sure every last detail was taken care of it was time for the event... and then came the rain!  We pushed through and had the event anyways and we couldn't have asked for a better turn out. Thank you everyone who came out and supported the event and the WCA . Ritte may not be a pro team or an NRC team but we are determined to be apart of the movement that is changing women's cycling and racing. A special thank you to Pedaler's Fork for the amazing hospitality and the WCA for allowing us to get on board and get involved.  Be on the look out for a "Join the Ride" tour near you.  Thank you to the Ritte sponsors who donated to the event, Giro, Chris King, Mission Workshop, Pedaler's Fork, Amgen Tour of California, Sram, B4-T9, 10- speed coffee and many more! photos by Nick Kova

Racing , Racing, Racing...

Ritte had an eventful weekend of racing this last weekend to say the least. We had races all over the state of california from a socal CBR crit to Ucla and Coppertown.  Becky and Amanda raced the 1-4 CBR crit showing great team work and had a great finish of 13th out of over 40 women. In prep for the SCNCA road championships Amy had a solo missioin to UCLA and Pine Flat RR, her ability to climb and play her cards right granted her two 3rd place finishes! She is well on her way to the gold in March. Kelli traveled up north to race with Charlotte and Ruste at Cantua Creek and Coppertown Circuit. Ruste and Kelli launched attacks, made moves and had a grand ol' time at Cantua Kelli finishing 14th in the p1-3 field and Ruste right behind after a major late attack burning a few of the girls matches along the way! The three then went to Coppertown Circuit with a last minute decision for Kelli to race both the w3 and wp1-3, she played her cards just right getting her the win in the w3! In the p1-3 no matter how hard we tried to get the pack to bridge to an early break we couldn't get them to move, so we switched plans and got Ruste lined up for the pack sprint and she took it flawlessly getting her 6th and Charlotte 10th!

 Amy, Becky and Amanda are on their way to VOS this coming weekend for the first stage race of the season! Wishing them luck in finishing up February with a bang!

See us Rollin' ...

We have some amazing companies we are working with this year and to thank them we made a little video, check it out!

2014 is underway!

As the 2014 season seems to be in full effect we are happy to be out there racing our best. We had some good results and some early season jitters but we wouldn't have it any other way. Becky and Amy traveled to Poor college Kids Road race as the season kick off. Amy having a strong 12th place finish in the p/1-3 field and Becky doing her best to make sure some fallen riders were safe. The next day Becky decided to play around at the Moth balls crit racing with our mens team in the men's cat 3 field. Lets just say the girl has got some legs, attacking, chasing breaks down and letting no man get away she proved that girls can race bikes too! 

The next weekend Kelli, Amy and Amanda traveled as far south as you can get before it becomes and international race in Mexico to the Boulevard Road Race. This race is notorious for being "Hell on Earth" and all the rumors were right! It was freezing cold at the butt crack of dawn and its a lot of climbing. The race started as a decent and we knew we had to be towards the front as we were going into the climb. Amy had to make that break or there was no chance of catching it. And that she did! With her insane climbing ability she made the break and road to a great 5th place finish! We have more races coming up fast and we are ready! 

Flash back to the end of 2013

As all of you know the Ritte women were invited to Ireland to race in an international women's stage race called An Post Ras na mBan at the end of 2013. It was an experience of a lifetime and something we will never forget. We are happy to announce we will be returning to Ireland in 2014!  We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Thank you to all of you for your support in getting us over there and also to Fixx Coffee House for sponsoring us while we were there! Check out the eurosport highlights below! 

Ritte Women's Team x WCA ride!

The Ritte Women's Team is honored to have partnered with the WCA to host a "Join the Ride" tour event! We have worked hard pooling our resources to make this an amazing event. All proceeds go to the WCA in support of women's cycling. Please join us on March 2nd for a day of riding, fun, food and it wouldn't be a Ritte event without beer! The pub is this way!

Register here !


A new year a new look

Ritte is known for our kit designs, from pacman, and doughnuts to an all white kit we always try and bend the rules a bit when it comes to our kits. Lets face it looking good is half the battle! For the 2014 women's team Spencer and Kelli sat down and decided that we should bring it back to Ritte's roots keeping it simple and returning to our traditional "Ritte blue" color and this is what we came up with!  Made by Sommerville Sports out of New York, we are excited about this new partnership and of course looking good on the road!

2014 Ritte Women's Team Camp

With the 2014 season starting the ladies headed out to Palm Springs for a weekend of hot tubs, doing our nails, games of truth or dare, pillow fights ... oh yea and a bunch of riding our bikes!

The weather was perfect, the house was amazing thanks to the Williams family and we were ready to log some miles! Amy was in charge of planning the routes and she did a great job. The first day was a ride out to Joshua Tree on a "flat" route. We were welcomed with hot sun and a  sweet headwind the whole way. Can you say... Drafting practice!  We made friends, became closer friends and had a great day! Day 2 was a climb up the 74 with sweeping dessert views up the large switchback road. The perfect weather and smooth roads were a wonderful change.

Check out the gallery below of the weekend!

Changing the way things are done!

Last season Kelli had the opportunity to work with wheel builder extraordinaire Justin Spinelli of Luxe Wheelworks. After a season on the track with the wheels he built, she knew she had to get the ladies on some road wheels for 2014. We are so happy to announce our partnership with Luxe Wheelworks along with H plus son rims and Chris King Precision Components. We are excited to change the idea of a deep dish carbon rim being the only good race wheel. We can't wait to test out the Archetype. Go check out all of these amazing brands!

What all the BUZZZZZZ about?

There's a "buzzzz" going around that the Ritte Women's Team will be partnering with the infamous Chris King for 2014! We are excited to be buzzing around in the 2014 season! Go check out their amazing hand crafted components. And like them on facebook too!

It's not THAT cold out!

This weekend some of us  got together to go for a few rides. Waking up Saturday to a down pour was not ideal but we put on our big girl pants and set out to ride.... (opens door sees more rain turns right back around and sheds layers) so we put on our big girl pants and got on the trainers! Sunday was a bit different the sun was out on the brisk morning and so after a few tortuous hours on the trainers the day before we were going to ride outside no matter what. And that we did!!

Ras na mBan day 3 TTT - Team Time Trial

It was a cold and rainy Friday the 13th waking up on day 3. We knew with only a 4 person team we had our work cut out for us. Were we scared? no! It was again cold and wet... this seemed to be a reoccurring theme here in Ireland. Kelli went with Murt Rice and Chris Grieve in the Fixx Coffee House team car to do a little "recky" of the course and collect our team number for the day. Murt returned with our number and we knew luck was on our side when he showed us we had been given number 13 on Friday the 13th! The number was obviously placed upside down in the team car window. With Kelli's little knowledge of team time trial events and knowing the strengths of each rider the 3 of them put together an order we knew would be best for the girls. Rolling up to the start line in our lime green Skin suits from Pactimo we could here the comments of how ridiculously good looking we were... and I mean good. At the last minute the order was switched at the line. We started out strong but with Kelli in the car directing the team we all quickly knew the original order was best. with a mid TT order change that might I say went flawlessly the girls were in the groove, hammering their way through the course. With a round a bout turn around we stayed in great position and were in the home stretch. Coming into the last few K they were giving it all they had finishing together for what turned out to be the 2nd fastest 4 person team time of the day!

Ras Stage 2 "Beast of Burren"

Stage 2 is the Beast of Burren. It takes place in Burren and goes up the corkscrew, which is a climb with a beastly twist. The rolling stones wrote a song called the Beast of Burden. This race was named after that. It did not plead to not be a burden, it actually didn't care whether or not it was a burden. It was just there leaving the race to decide what to do with the terrain. It was a foggy drizzly Irish day. We started in Ennis and rode along the infamous and glorious Cliffs of Moher. But lets get back to the bikes, because we're getting ahead of ourselves. The pack is yo-yoing back and forth along the rollers and then comes the corkscrew. The pack splits up a bit for good, but crap balls, there's another crash in the main pack at the crest of the corkscrew and Komanski is taken down, down but not out. It was somewhere in the ball park of 10 minutes that she was on the side of the road with blood gushing out of her knee and something up with her bike. She gets cleaned up and is back on her sexy Vlaanderen and hammers up the coast with a little help from some friends. Despite the heart felt effort Komanski comes just a couple minutes behind the main pack and is unable to keep her top 10 in the GC rankings. Ahead at the main pack shit goes down and Donovan is riding strong in the lead group but is unable to get away on the rolly-not-climby terrain, but at least she finishes unscathed.

The finish of the race is up a steppy climb to a rainy summit where all the cars are parked. The girls were changing into dryer clothes and a German man walks up and sprays Donovan, Komanski and Lamb in the face with a eucalyptus facial spray to clear the muck and the mire that collected on their chins and cheeks during the wet stage. It definitely worked. Europeans create amazing products for cyclists. Whalen did not bring dry clothes with her, so in addition to not getting her face eucalypisized, she did carpool with another group that we thought would get back to the hostel sooner. But she went missing. Hours later she arrived safely after warming up with a proper Irish coffee. Komanski gets her knee stiched up. And we're all back together for another evening in Ennis. Preparing for Stage 3.


Race Day 1 ‘MAGHERA’

Race day one started like any other race day, It was a later start time then we were used to. 4 pm seemed like a lifetime away. We relaxed took our time and stayed rested for the evenings events. Race check-in was done, lunch was had. And then the rain that wasn't supposed to happen... well it happened! After an inside trainer warm up and getting ourselves rain ready we headed to the start. The race started fast, straight from the gun. It was breaking up pretty quickly but as I looked around all of the chicks were there working their way to the front. The rain was letting up and the sun was starting to come up. The stage was short with a couple kickers and a little sustained climb. At the top of the last climb there was a pileup in the middle of the peloton, Busting the field into pieces. Erin, Jen and Kelli were caught behind the crash with the task of catching back on. The decent was suited perfectly for this with Erin in the front and not far behind Jen and then Kelli it was not impossible. With the wet roads and the loose moss covered chip seal, things took a turn for the worst taking Kelli's front tire out and sending her straight to the ground. Jen and Erin caught back on to the rear of the pack for a pack finish. Lauren and Katie not too far ahead. The race was done and now we had to think about the TTT for the next day and the fact that we were now down one rider. Thanks to Murt Rice and Chris Grieve in our Fixx Coffee House team car for scraping Kelli up off the road!